1. Interoperability can be described briefly as the way systems and technology are intertwined in order to opperate. Examples of this interconnection can included the ability to share information between physical devices (ex. computers, phones), or as the ability to share and connect information simultaneously across social networks (ex. twitter, facebook, instagram). A more detailed analysis of interoperability is shown below.
  2. The Networking of Knowledge and Storytelling: David Weinberger for the Future of StoryTelling 2012
  3. As David Weinberger discusses in his video, we now seek knowledge as a series of links. As our culture has become predominantly focused on being entertained and interconnected online, we now seek ways to sync ourselves into these networks. A way of doing so is through the creation of online profiles.
  4. Creating accounts on social networking sites helps us gain full access to the endless web of links, and exchange of knowledge readily available on the internet.  However, with this creation of online identities comes the responsibility of creating your own online brand.
  5. Through social networking, we are often encouraged to share all aspects of our lives. We drunk tweet, instagram inappropriate pictures, tumblr recaps of our days, etc. Overall, knowingly (and sometimes unknowingly) expose ourselves to friends, and strangers online.
  6. Although social networking sites often provide privacy setting for individuals to customize for a sense of security, there still remains loopholes. A current concern exists over the vague line determining whether the information individuals upload and share on these sites, becomes the property of the site, or the source.
  7. We are encourage to share all aspects of our collective self online, however, if these things we do share can be accessible to anyone, why do we continue to share? Is it an issue of a lack of knowledge, or a lack of concern?

    Overall,  the issue comes down to responsible sharing and smart branding. In order to be successful in todays world it is crucial to learn the skills of online networking. However, next time you sell your soul to the internet try to ask yourself, is this going to be harmful or helpful to to my brand?

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