Access and the Digital Divide

  1. As discussed last week in class, although society continues to make exceptional technological advancements, there remains signification barriers with accessibility in the digital age. These problems can range from accessibility divisions between the old and young, differently-abled, homeless, and developing vs. developed worlds.

  2. TEDxSanMigueldeAllende – Aleph Molinari – Bridging the Digital Divide
  3. As Aleph Molinari mentions ” We are living in a digital revolution that 70% of the world is not a part of”. The technologically excluded included various types of people, some of which have access to  resources such as the internet, but faces barriers with being able to socially participation online.

  4. These barriers can range from having limited knowledge and access to educational training regarding how to communicate online, to having issues with social exclusions and inaccessibility. A problem experienced by many who are homeless, poor, elderly and or differently abled.
  5. In todays society it has become a presumed assumption the everyone has access to a computer. However, the reality remains that many do not, and the resources available to those who lack accessibility are scarce. Limited knowledge is shared regarding these issues of in-access and often the trials and tribulations faced by many facing the digital divide go unnoticed.
  6. Overall, resources should be spent towards making digital access more readily available, accessible and inclusive to all. I believe that accessibility in the digital age is fundamental, do you share this belief?

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