Cloud Computing

  1. Cloud computing exists in two ends. The first is the front end, or the interface. The front end is the component the user sees and uses to share and connect. The second end is the back end, which consists of servers. This is where any data shared is then stored.These two ends are connect through a network, such as the internet, and this allows users the ability to access there information through any device connected to this network.
  2. Cloud computing has become an increasingly necessary alternative to date storage and network interoperability. Through cloud computing, users now have greater accessibility to their information, increased back-up security through cloud computing’s process of redundancy, and lower maintenance costs in relation to hard-drive upgrades. 
  3. Although cloud computing provides many benefits to both consumers and businesses, it also comes with disadvantages. One of these pressing issues is the misconception of what cloud computing is and how it works. 
  4. A common problem that exists in society, is that many people are unfamiliar with what cloud computing is. Therefore, there is a failure to recognize that any information shared online through such things as gmail, facebook, flickr, and so forth, are actually apart of cloud computing. This creates intellectual property concerns that often go by unnoticed, undresses, and conveniently misunderstood. These ip concerns can vary from websites owning material you post (ex.instagram), to invasively monitoring your online surfing ( 
  5. Overall, the advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing are still blurry and there exist many questions regarding it’s functionality. 

  6. One of the questions I continue to ask is, whether everyone entrusting their data to cloud computing is actually safer? With the wave of government agencies and businesses shifting towards cloud computing, I can’t help wondering, what if this system somehow fails, what next? 

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