Tutorial Activity – Google Search Tips and Tricks

1. How to search for an exact word or phrase?

To search for an exact word or phrase place quotation marks around the word(s) you intend to search ex. “prince cavalier” puppies

2. How to search for something on a specific site?

Precede your query with the phrase site: or to find results from a specific site or type of site. For example: site:edu or site:nytimes.com.

3. How to correctly search for a definition?

Put define: in front of any word to get its definition.

4. How to search for a specific product available within a specific price range?

To specify a particular number range, type .. then a space, then the numbers in your range. For example, “300…500”

5. How to search for a specific file type?

Search for specific types of files, such as PDFs, PPTs, or XLS, by adding filetype: and the 3-letter file abbreviation.

6. How to include or ignore words in your search?

Highlight common words and characters  if they are essential to your search  by putting quotation marks around them. You can also use the minus sign (-) to specify particular items you don’t want in your results. Ex. Cake recipe -eggs

7. How to find related pages?

Use the related: operator to find pages that have similar content by typing related: followed by the website address.

8. How to find a topic, searching all available synonyms of a word?
Get results that include synonyms by placing the ~ sign immediately in front of your search term.

9. How to find the time in another country?

To see what time it is anywhere in the world, search time and the city or country.

All answers provided above can be found on Google tips and tricks


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