Design Thinking

This week for class EID100 we had the task of creating an informational app. The app I created is entitled ShopShopper. Showshopper is an app that users can access to have a one stop concert browsing experience. The app works by users clicking on any concert venue listed in the Toronto area, and being able to view a monthly schedule of upcoming shows. Interested in seeing how it works? Click on this link to see ShowShopper

I came up with the idea for ShowShopper through the process of design thinking. It all came together in a few simple steps

1. I read the outline provided on the AppBuilder website and became familiar with how to build and app and what makes an app successful.

2. I explored the AppBuilder site and familiarized myself with how it works, and what it offers.

3. Upon browing the AppBuilder site, I found the platform somewhat confusing and I immediately concluded that I wanted to create an app that was easy to use, and served a simple purpose.

4. I thought of what intrigued me, and what I would find useful in an app.

5. I determined I wanted to focus on music and creating something that could help users search for events happening in the city. This is because I commonly search for show and find the process time consuming. I wanted to create an app that could cut down steps for concert searching and make the experience of looking for shows more efficient.

6. Next I thought of an interesting name to brand my app. I came up with ShowShopper and from there started the process of creating my app.


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