Predicting the Digital Future

Predicting the Digital Future

  1. This week in class we spent time recapping the semesters terms, theories, and technologies and analyzed the current state of our digital age. Through focusing on the issues of interoperability and information overload, we critiqued our technological age and analyzed possible trends for the future of technology.
  2. As Introp continues to progress in our digital landscape, it presents a world of possibilities but also challenges. Increased Interop presents more need for cloud computing, raises privacy/security concerns due to the increase of file sharing between devices and also promotes an increase in such things as SaaS (Software as a Service). The future of interoperability is endlessly intriguing but also frightening, and such videos as Microsoft’s “Future World Vision” depicts a startling vision of how interconnected life may become.
  3. Such videos show a would governed by interoperability, and this raises concerns as to whether a world so dependent on technology would become a utopia or technocracy? Such videos show the possible of a world that is seamlessly interconnected, similar to John Berrett’s vision of The Internet of Things. With a world so plugged into the internet, one must begin to analyze the possible downfalls, including the increase in information overload.
  4. A massive increase of connectivity between objects, results in a overwhelming spew of information in out daily lives. To be able to function productively in a  world consumed by big data, the internet would need to have a significant increase in filtering tools. However, such filters could lead to the issue of having filter bubbles that further divide our access to information. Information overload also creates a demand for higher levels of personalized technologies, which would inevitable be run by algorithms, creating a further digital divide. 

    Overall, The future of the internet is unpredictable, and endlessly full of possibilities. Such things as convergence and transmedia allow us to see examples of how the world can become so accessible across multiple platforms, and how entertaining, and resourceful options of such interoperability are. Do you think the future of our digital age will evolve into a utopia where technology can be used to better serve humanity? Or, do you believe technology will process into a technocracy and inevitable be humanities downfall? Either way, only time can tell, and to pass the time, read the article below to see what others predict will be the future of technology.


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