Predicting the Digital Future

Storify by Chika O Fri, Apr 19 2013 14:35:44 Predicting the Digital Future This week in class we spent time recapping the semesters terms, theories, and technologies and analyzed the current state of our digital age. Through focusing on the issues of interoperability and information overload, we critiqued our technological age and analyzed possible trends […]

Design Thinking

This week for class EID100 we had the task of creating an informational app. The app I created is entitled ShopShopper. Showshopper is an app that users can access to have a one stop concert browsing experience. The app works by users clicking on any concert venue listed in the Toronto area, and being able […]

Cybersecurity and Cybercrime

View as slideshow This week in class we defined and discussed  various types of cyber crimes that exist online, and explored  tips towards how to surf the web safely. Some of the common cyber crimes that exist today include malware, phishing, spoofing, and spam. Below is a video defining each of these terms in depth.  University of […]